Future of IOT

The most prominent IT resolutions which accomplish the aspiration in today's challenging and current business span

Business Networking App

This app enables real-time interaction & engagement, and makes business networking easier. Beacons are used to deliver personalized notifications with location specific branded content which provides automatic check-in & badge printing.

  • Highly accurate proximity detection due to the use of iBeacons and minimal battery loss
  • Uses leading-edge Bluetooth Beacon technology to help streamline event management

IOT Bike

IOT Bike offers a full line of complete bikes renting solutions for customers by using most advanced Hardware technology available in market.

  • Use World’s 1st keyless padlock system for bikes
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Cloud based security, Mobile Access, Remote sharing, Location Data.
  • GPS based fare calculation

Healthcare System

Application is targeted for healthcare system to monitor and access information related to users or medical patients. Doctors & Patients have separate access on apps and web panel to interact with each other via audio or video calling.

  • Monitor health tracking through connected hub and sensors
  • 360 degree rotation of the hub during the video call to show the surrounded activities

NFC Tagging App

It allows users to build their own tool tagging database using visual and electronic tags to mark and identify tools. Tools can be listed and searched by TAG ID, Serial Number, Manufacturer, Type, Identifying Marks etc.

  • Instant notifications of incidents and thefts
  • Add, edit, delete or list tools and save descriptions with pictures

Key Management App

App allows efficient and anonymous key management for property owners especially Airbnb hosts. Hosts can add keys to the system and drop at the store which saves their time.With App; you can tap keys in and out, so you'll always know who's got the keys

  • Identical NFC tags for every key
  • Notification to users at the time of pick-up and drop-off keys

Smart Mirror

It displays the advertising content magically on screen and reverts back to a mirror when no content is shown.

  • Built-in media player for HD quality images
  • Adaptive to custom screen sizes and designs on request

Employee Management System

An employee management system for company employees to manage their roaster and leaves on daily basis. Fingerprint scanner records employee’s binary data in system and allow them to clock in - clock out in mobile app.

  • Log of employees timesheet maintained on daily basis
  • Application works in both online and offline modes

Samsung Spin to Win

Spin & Win is a spinning wheel game, in a Wheel of Fortune style where the object of the game is to allow users to win prizes.

  • The wheel is divided into 7 sectors, giving user multiple opportunities to win!


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